Best Swimming Pool Maintenance & Repair

Probity Pools has been providing top-tier swimming pool and spa maintenance (which includes pool cleaning, chemical balancing, and equipment monitoring) in the Orlando metro area since 2006. We are a state licensed contractor that you can trust for complete inground pool and spa care.

We also perform expert pool and spa repair work that includes:

  • Pool pump repairs/replacement
  • Motor & seal replacement
  • Pool filter repairs/replacement
  • Salt chlorinating pool system repair & installation
  • Automation system repairs & installation
  • Re-plumbs of pipes and valves

We are an authorized dealer and repair company in Orlando for the following manufacturers: Hayward, Zodiac, Rheem and Pentair.

For answers to most commonly asked questions and much more information about swimming pool maintenance, visit our FAQ page or blog.

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Our focus as a company is on Safety, Quality, and Professionalism.


Communication – Customers are notified of all activities conducted each visit via door hangers – for instance, what chemicals were added to their pool and if there is a waiting time to swim.

Training – Pool technicians undergo months of training and are closely supervised.

Insurance – We believe in protecting our customers and our teams. Probity Pools technicians are covered by a $2 million dollar general liability and worker’s compensation insurance (did you know that general liability insurance is NOT REQUIRED for pool operators in Florida, and single owner-operators can waive worker’s compensation for themselves?).


Quality Control – We ensure quality with random pool inspections for each technician, each month. Additionally, a manager routinely rides with each technician, and our technicians receive bonuses for passing their quality-control tests.

Quality Employees – We recognize that our employees are our compool technician with tabletpany. Our hiring process involves a series of interviews and multiple reference checks. Once on board, each employee undergoes initial training – and continues training throughout his time at Probity Pools. We pay more than the competition and offer benefits, which allows us to be selective in our hiring.

Consistency – Customers have an assigned day and technician for each visit. Occasionally, the day or technician may change for a service visit. However, we have a knowledge database with an extensive amount of information about our customers’ pools. This data ensures that each technician who services your pool has a complete picture of your pool’s history of chemical readings, chemical usage and equipment.

Team Size – We have the depth and knowledge to ensure we always have team members to meet your needs, and the owner is directly involved in all daily activities.

Daily Meetings – We meet with our technicians every morning and review the current day’s assignments and the prior day’s work.


Communication – We customize our communication based on customer preference. All customers have the option to receive an email or text message the day before each service visit. Additionally, technicians will knock on your door to announce their arrival, if you wish.

Appearance – All technicians wear company-issued Probity Pools uniforms and name badges.

Customer Service – Customer concerns are addressed every day of the week.

Payment – All major credit cards are accepted.

Employees – All of our technicians are employees with benefits, which leads to more stability and company commitment. Many other pool companies utilize contractors.