hurricane pool prep

Tips to Protect Your Pool During Hurricane Season

Hurricanes are an unfortunate fact of life in Florida, and June 1st, the official start date of the season, is a date all Floridians have etched into their minds. From now until the end of November, there is the potential for a sweeping storm to cause damage to virtually any part of the state.

Here are 5 ways you can minimize the damage to your swimming pool that might be caused by a hurricane or tropical storm:

  1. Pool covers. If you have a pool cover that is attached by some kind of weights, do NOT put it on. These types of covers can be easily blown off. If you have a cover that is attached to anchors in a deck; DO put it on. These covers are designed to hold during strong wind.
  1. Shock your pool. Yes, even before a storm it can be beneficial to super-chlorinate the pool water. It will help prevent the water from becoming contaminated.
  1. Do NOT drain the pool. You may think rainwater may cause the pool to overflow and therefore flood your home. But the water actually acts as a weight. Draining the pool could cause it to pop out of the ground if it is empty.
  1. Turn the pool equipment off at the circuit breaker. It should be located by the equipment. Turning off the equipment will prevent it from getting clogged and will reduce your chance of damage due to flooding.
  1. The extras around the pool. This one may go without saying, but make sure to remove all patio furniture, etc. around the pool before a storm. You may also want to consider creating a “vent” in the screen enclosure if you have one. Removing a panel of the screen on each side will allow air to flow through, which could potentially prevent structural damage to the screen.

Of course, after the storm, there is yet more to do to make a pool safe to swim in again. For that, call a professional pool service company like Probity Pools to check all the equipment and chemical levels in the water. We are here to help in every season.