The BBB Checklist for Hiring A Pool Service Company

In 2012, the Better Business Bureau received 771 complaints nationally regarding swimming pool service and repair providers. Most complaints alleged unauthorized automatic charges despite months of poor service and ignored service calls. Other consumers alleged pool chemicals were not delivered or dispersed correctly, resulting in a pool that was unusable during prime summer months.

But if you want to avoid that sinking feeling, the BBB suggests these tips for hiring the right pool cleaning service:

Do your research. Locate BBB Accredited Businesses in your area. If you’re referred to a business by friends, verify the business is in good standing at bbb.org before contacting them.

Get service details in writing. Services vary from company to company and from pool to pool. However, standard agreements typically include balancing water chemistry, cleaning filters as needed and checking equipment for efficiency. Normally, the chemicals are covered by the agreements to maintain water balance and generally are provided for in a weekly cleaning.

Consider customer service. The amount of staff that a company has and how they are able to address customer issues are both important factors in choosing a pool company.

  • Do they service pools with just a small team, or do they have a big network of people ready to help when needed? It is important to work with companies that have a ready and available staff.
  • Some companies have online help, while others have an office number or a large call center that can field your calls for help.
  • Customer service also includes pool repair staff that shows up at your house to clean your pool. Will they be on time and responsible when they are working with you?

Compare apples-to-apples cost factors. Get at least three bids from businesses so you have a true basis for comparison.

Verify licensing. The janitorial part of pool maintenance does not require a certification. However, companies are required to have state licensing if repairs are needed on motors, timers, lighting or other electrical components. Check with the Department of Licensing and Regulation to confirm their license is current.

Check insurance/warranties. Find out if the company is insured against claims of property damage. When it comes to draining your pool, be sure the company has insurance that covers any problems that may surface.

To check out a company and find trustworthy businesses, visit bbb.org.

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