Pollen in the Pool: It’s That Time of Year

Around this time each year, pool home owners and pool technicians alike find themselves cursing the pollen gods that turn pool tiles – and almost any other outdoor surface – into sticky yellow messes.

It’s a really frustrating scenario. Our pool technicians use nets specifically designed to capture pollen. While we can get some of it, a lot of it gets stirred up and settles back on the pool tiles within an hour or so of our visit, putting a yellow ring around a perfectly clean pool.

There are a few things you can do to help the pollen situation.

1) Make sure that the skimmer is fully functional by keeping an optimal level of pool water, which is about an inch from the top of the skimmer.

2) Purchase a skimmer sock, or just attach a fine mesh such as cheesecloth or pantyhose to your skimmer to better trap the pollen. Note: You can order a skimmer sock online for about $5.00 plus tax and shipping. Or if you’re a Probity Pools customer, we can bring one out and install it on our next weekly visit for about $13.00; just click this link to send us a request.

3) Run your filtration system a little longer than you might normally, and clean the filter between technician visits if the pollen is particularly heavy.

4) If you own a pool cover, now may be a good time to use it, and remove it when the pollen count eases again.

The best advice may be to simply wait out these irritating few weeks. They happen every year, but thankfully, they don’t last long.