Floating skeleton

Best. Halloween. Pool Party. Ever.

If you’re the sort that loves decorating for Halloween, why limit the décor to your home and yard? Your pool and patio make a great place to showcase your creative talents, too!

Skeletons are easy props that can make an appearance in and out of the swimming pool.

Floating skeleton

This guy looks like he could use a little sun…

Skeleton suntanning
Or maybe a cool drink…halloween skeleton at the bar
Did you know that pumpkins float? Well, sure, plastic ones do, but real ones do too. Tell your kids to invent a game involving either variety.Floating pumpkinsAnd what’s Halloween without glow sticks? Blow up surgical gloves, slip a glow stick in, and you’ve got easy, creepy drowned hands in your pool:

Glow sticks in plastic gloves in the pool

Or hang water balloons and glow sticks in pantyhose from a pool enclosure or gazebo for an unusual effect.

Glow sticks, water balloons and pantyhose

And speaking of effects, use your own pool lights to set a festive mood.

Purple pool lights for Halloween

Or make a “bloodbath” with red dye.

Pool water dyed red

With a few bucks and a little imagination, your swimming pool can be “spooktacular” this Halloween!