swimming pool facts

10 Fast Facts About Swimming and Swimming Pools

Think you know your pool facts? Try this true or false quiz and find out!

1) Swimming is the fourth most popular recreational activity in America.
TRUE – the US Census Bureau says only walking, exercising with gym equipment, and camping rank ahead of swimming.

2) Half of swimmers say they routinely jump into pools without showering.
FALSE – just 35%, according to an infographic developed by Swim University, but that’s still too many. It’s smart to make a habit of showering before entering a pool because it’s things like shampoo/conditioner, lotion, perfume, body oils, sweat and cosmetics that leave residue in the pool water – and when those bind with chlorine, chloramines form – which are the real perpetrators of that pungent, chemical-like pool odor, and also the primary culprit behind skin and eye irritation.

3) With 10.6 million swimming pools in America, Florida has the most of any state. FALSE – that is the correct number of US pools, but California comes in first with approximately 3 million of the total pools.

4) Research published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine shows that, in the absence of a controlled diet, swimming has little or no effect on weight loss.
TRUE – this one’s a surprise, huh? Test subjects following a walking program lost 17 pounds of weight during the three-month study, while those following a cycling program lost 19 pounds of weight. However, subjects following a swimming program actually gained 5 pounds. This is probably because swimming in cold water stimulates the appetite.

5) Chlorine turns my hair green.
FALSE – chlorine usually gets the rap but the true culprit is copper in algaecide or metal plumbing

6) Drinking pool water won’t hurt me.
FALSE – Most of the time, a little pool water spit between friends won’t present any real issues, but try to resist the urge, since even if the water is clear and looks clean, there are lots of microorganisms that can make you sick if ingested.

7) More than 60% of fatal drownings of 0–4 year-olds occur in swimming pools.
TRUE – so read up on pool safety at sites like http://www.poolsafely.org or http://www.waterprooffl.com and always assign a designated Water Watcher around your pool or spa.

8) Swimming while pregnant is a safe activity.
TRUE – Swimming during pregnancy can help keep moms-to-be in shape and feeling relaxed. Swimming also helps to ease swelling in legs and feet, a common complaint in pregnancy, and some anecdotal evidence suggests that swimming may also encourage your baby to get into the best position for labor.

9) Saltwater swimming pools don’t require chlorine.
FALSE – Salt water chlorinators actually produce chlorine by breaking down the salt molecule through electrolysis to produce chlorine.

10) There is a pool chemical that reveals urine in the water.
FALSE – a perennial favorite urban myth. Even so, just don’t do it. Please.